Uruguay’s “Garzon” Label: A New Name in International Knitwear Fashion:

What exactly do you know about Uruguay? If you’re from there, then, of course, quite a lot. If you are Brazilian or Argentinian, it’s your very small neighbour with a population of just three & half million. You may be a Liverpool FC fan, in which case you’ll expect (the sometimes controversial) Luiz Suarez (born […]

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London-Based Ibero-Latino Artists Exhibit At Latin American House:

Unless they are already famous, it is not easy for Ibero-Latino painters, movie-makers, fashion-designers and sculptors to find somewhere in London where they can display their work. The Venezuelan Embassy’s Bolivar Hall is one important location which offers this opportunity. Another is the Latin American House in Kilburn. Founded in 1983,its objective is “to provide […]

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Revealed At Bolivar Hall: The Truth About Sex & Romance.

In 2000,the actor Mel Gibson starred in a film titled “What Women Want”. It wasn’t a huge box-office hit. It managed, according to some reviews, to succeed as “ a light-hearted and fun romantic comedy” but the denouement “lacked credibility and poignancy”. Which was a polite way of saying that it avoided dealing with the […]

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Batman Vs Bond: The Battle for the British Film Industry

How often do you go to the cinema? If once a month, that’s the same as about a quarter of the UK population. Another 60% indulge in an evening out for a film a minimum of once a year. The remaining 15% are either not interested or prefer to watch at home  According to a […]

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Brendan Behan Revisited: The Adrian Dunbar Interview

Take any Friday or Saturday night in city centres across the UK. Revellers staggering from pubs and clubs at any time till dawn, collapsing drunk onto the pavement and being bundled into police vans to sober up. A/B-list celebrities & royals emerging unsteadily from their favourite London haunts, trading insults (and sometimes blows) with the […]

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