Online Subterfuge Convulses The Noble Card Game Of Bridge:

“It’s one of the greatest games ever invented”. When the Amerícan mystery-comedy author Louis Sachar made this remark, he wasn’t referring to football, rugby, tennis or any of the international sports with mass-media coverage. His passion is for bridge, which he admits to playing at least three or four times a week. This enthusiasm is […]

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The Premier League Scores A Penalty Against Football Fans:

“The beautiful game has been turned, by the people who run it, into the greedy game”. That was how the Sunday Times, in an outspoken editorial on 11th October, lambasted the decision by the Premier League, Sky Sports and BT Sport to charge £14.95 each time to watch matches that they had not originally scheduled […]

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Sport Business Summit 2018: Football Sponsorship In The Spotlight:

If you’re a football fan, you’ll for sure know which company is the main sponsor for your favourite team. You can’t avoid seeing the name: It appears not only on the players’ shirts but is advertised prominently around the club’s stadium. In the case of Liverpool FC, for example, it’s Standard Chartered Bank, who currently […]

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The Premier League After Brexit: Good News For English Players & The National Team?

The American singer & song-writer, Darius Rucker, once declared that he divides the year into two halves: The football season and waiting for the football season. Although he was of course referring to the American version (he’s a big supporter of the Miami Dolphins), this view is undoubtedly shared by the many soccer fans in […]

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The Sport Business Summit 2016: Spotlight On The Murky World Of Football Player Transfers:

“England simply do not have the same aura of old. Opposition teams are no longer cowed in their presence”. This was the conclusion of the Guardian newspaper’s football writers, Daniel Taylor and Dominic Fifield following the 0-0 draw with Slovenia on 11th October. They pointed out that matches abroad against England no longer appear to […]

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Sport Business Summit 2015: Money Is the Name Of the Game:

“Sports”, the American social campaigner and journalist, Heywood Broun, once remarked, “Do not build character. They reveal it”. So would he have approved of just how commercialized this sector has become – epitomized by the event which took place at Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge stadium on the 7th & 8th October? Organized by the “Leaders In […]

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Perils & Profits: The Impact Of Wimbledon Fortnight On The Local Community:

If you’re a tennis fan, you’ve presumably been keenly anticipating the start of the 2015 Tennis Championships (29th June – 12th July). Whether watching the action on TV or attending in person, you’ll have two weeks (or more, if it rains) to enjoy the shock eliminations, the loud grunts, the tense tie-breaks, the losers’ tears […]

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The Sky’s Not The Limit: Higher Prices For the UK’s Movie Channel Viewers:

If by chance you haven’t yet seen the film “Love Actually” (made in 2003 with Hugh Grant as British Prime Minister) don’t worry. It will almost certainly be shown on Sky Movies this week, the next one and indeed indefinitely. The same applies to the many other productions which appear with unerring regularity on Sky […]

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The Price Of Loyalty: UK Football Fans’ Annual Dilemma:

The 2014/15 Season is now over. At the time of writing, there’s just the Arsenal v Aston Villa FA Cup match on 30th May to be decided. There’s no World Cup this year. So from the beginning of June, the millions of people in the UK for whom this is their favourite sport will be […]

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An Aversion To Water? Keeping Afloat In Austerity Britain:

The renowned Jamaican reggae singer, Bob Marley, once admitted that he “didn’t swim too tough”. So he never went “too deep into the water”. That was despite the fact that he came from a tropical island famed for its “warm seas, beautiful coastline and serene beaches” Marley’s misgivings about venturing away from “terra firma” are […]

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