“The New Status Symbol”: Home Interiors Open To the Public Gaze:

What’s the purpose of curtains? The American novelist and socialite, Edith Wharton, once described them as “a necessary evil” used in badly designed homes. Most decorating companies, of course, tend to disagree and instead extol their virtues.In the opinion of “Furnishing Tips.com”, among the main advantages of curtains is that they control the amount of sunlight […]

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Stolen Goods For Sale: The (Almost) Unknown Police Service:

“Have you ever wondered what the police do with all the lost property that’s handed in and the items they’ve seized from thieves if they can’t return them to the owner?” The answer, as Hannah Wílliams, a contributor to savethestudent,org, pointed out on 23rd December, is that they sell them for economical prices at police auctions, […]

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Fancy Dress Costumes: Observing Cultural Sensibilities:

“If the Government declared tomorrow that fancy dress parties were banned, nobody would mind”. That’s because, according to the British comedy novelist, Nick Spalding, no-one really likes going to them. You spend weeks beforehand (he declares) worrying about what to wear and how much it’ll cost you. You eventually find a leather jacket that looks […]

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Britain: The World’s Most Apologetic Nation?

“I’m profoundly sorry”. That’s how Matt Hancock, the former Health Secretary, expressed his regret at the Covid enquiry in London on 27th June for his part in the mistakes that ensured the UK had not been properly prepared for the pandemic. Indeed, as the Guardian journalists Peter Walker and Robert Booth noted that day in […]

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Sleeping In A Public Park Risks A £100 Fine:

If you live in or occasionally visit the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham and have an electric scooter, this will affect you. As from 18th October, under the new Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) implemented by the local Council, using it along the pedestrian parts of the Thames Path has become illegal. The purpose […]

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Life Without A Fridge-Freezer: The Spiralling Cost Of “White Goods” in the UK:

If you’re moving into new accommodation, what are the basic commodities you need to bring with you or purchase if you don’t already have them? For anyone who’s not completely sure, the Sofa & Carpet Specialists ScS, whose HQ is in Sunderland, north-east England and has 98 stores around the UK, has provided a checklist […]

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London Fashion Week SS24: The Discarding Of Traditional Concepts:

“The fashion industry’s reckoning has arrived. With concerns surrounding waste,ethical treatment of workers and inclusivity, the status quo is no longer sustainable”. This declaration by the Huffington Post’s lifestyle commentator, Jennifer Barton, in September 2020 and her prediction that the brands would need to “pivot quickly” to stay relevant and desirable accurately anticipated the changing […]

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“We’re Managing All Right Here, But It’s Chaos Out There”: The UK’s View Of Current Global Events:

“People in Britain are happy with their lives but not the state of the world”. That’s the conclusion from research conducted for the Guardian newspaper and cited by it’s social affairs correspondent, Robert Booth, on 6th July. Although many of those questioned agreed that recent years have been especially traumatic, with everything that’s happened – […]

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Wimbledon Tennis Club’s Expansion Scheme Faces Determined Local Opposition:

How many trees are there in the UK? The Woodlands website has calculated the number to be about three billion. That’s around 45 per person, increasing to 400 per individual in Scotland because it’s more sparsely inhabited but has almost half Britain’s trees. Despite these impressive-sounding statistics, as Mary Gagen, a Professor of Physical Geography […]

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The Uncertain Future Of Supermarket Loyalty Cards:

“The easiest and most powerful way to increase customer loyalty is really very simple: Keep them happy”. That, in the opinion of the American marketing professional, Kevin Stirtz, is the obvious route to business success. This, however, then raises the question as to exactly how companies can attract customers in the first place and then […]

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