In The Spotlight: Multiple-Job Executive Directors:

So what exactly did Theresa May achieve as Prime Minister? According to the Sunday Times on July 21st, she became desperate in her final few days in office to be remembered for more than her “failed Brexit policy”. Which is why, during the week preceding her resignation on July 24th, she announced a flurry of […]

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The UK’s Fragile Bridges:

This year is the 125th anniversary of London’s Tower Bridge. It was inaugurated, after 8 years of construction work, on 30th June 1894 in a “lavish ceremony” by the then Prince and Princess of Wales. Building it was considered essential for the million people living in the eastern part of the capital, who had either […]

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Fingerprints (Almost) Never Lie:

When you go shopping, how do you pay for your purchases? Possibly with cash, if the amount is small. However, for a larger expenditure, you’re more likely to use your debit or credit card, either by entering your pin number or, if your card is “contactless”, waving it in front of the terminal. As we’re […]

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The Uncertain Future Of Britain’s Public Libraries:

When was the last time you used your local council library? Is there one near you that you can go to? The Reading Agency (RA) emphasises on its website that anyone living in the UK is legally entitled to borrow books free from public libraries, so as to ensure that “everyone can have equal access […]

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How To Judge Someone: Look At Their Shoes:

What are you wearing on your feet at the moment? Perhaps slippers or just socks if you’re relaxing at home, trainers if you’re going outside to walk or jog and something rather more formal if you’re on your way to work. According to a report issued by researchers at the University of Kansas – quoted […]

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Licences For Cyclists: As Contentious As Brexit?

Did you watch ITV’s “Good Morning Britain (GMB)” programme on 1st April? If yes, you’ll have seen the furious argument that erupted between one of the presenters, Piers Morgan and Stanley Johnson, father of Boris, the Conservative MP and former London Mayor. They were discussing the proposal made by the IVF specialist, Professor Lord Robert […]

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The Money In Your Pocket: Genuine Or Counterfeit?

Do you ever worry whether the banknotes or coins you have with you are fake? Perhaps you should. It seems that, despite all the efforts of the Bank of England and the National Crime Agency, there’s still a considerable amount of bogus currency circulating in Britain . The Daily Star Sunday journalist, Joe Hinton, has […]

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The Laws On Finding Lost Money & Buried Treasure:

What would you do if you discovered a bag of money in the street? Try to hide it under your jacket & hope no-one else saw you, take it to the nearest police station, or just put it back wherever it was, perhaps next to a letter-box or lamp-post or on a pavement bench? As […]

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London Fashion Week AW19: Fresh Faces On The Catwalks:

  Is there a risk that the twice yearly London Fashion Week is becoming a bit too predictable and routine? The press release issued by the British Fashion Council (BFC) prior to the latest LFW (Friday 15th – Tuesday 19th February) – which emphasized that the event would feature the very best of both the […]

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The Enduring Popularity Of Christmas Trees:

Have you bought your Christmas tree yet? If not, you’ve still got plenty of time to acquire one and decorate it. The Guardian estimated on December 8th that there will be around eight million of them on sale around the UK this year, so it won’t be difficult to find one even if you leave […]

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