Online Subterfuge Convulses The Noble Card Game Of Bridge:

“It’s one of the greatest games ever invented”. When the Amerícan mystery-comedy author Louis Sachar made this remark, he wasn’t referring to football, rugby, tennis or any of the international sports with mass-media coverage. His passion is for bridge, which he admits to playing at least three or four times a week. This enthusiasm is […]

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The Growing Space Junk Threat To Sat Nav:

Have you any idea how many satellites are currently orbiting the world? You may think it’s at the most a couple of thousand. In fact, it’s considerably more than that. UNOOSA ( United Nations Office For Outer Space Affairs) has calculated that there are now more than 6,000 of them circulating above us, albeit only […]

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“It’s A Conspiracy!”: Britain’s Anti-Vaxxer Campaigners:

“They’re a medical marvel which has saved more lives than any other human innovation apart from clean water”. This was the view expressed by the Guardian columnist Leo Cendrowicz on 24th February in his analysis of the reasons for the “vaccine hesitancy” currently evident across much of Europe. Instead of being shunned, he declared, “the […]

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The Tangled World Of British Embroidery:

“A stitch in time saves nine”: This was the phrase that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson used during a televised speech on 22nd September 2020 to explain why he would be introducing a “package of tougher anti-coronavirus measures” in England. His reasoning, as the Metro newspaper columnist, Caroline Westbrook, noted the following day, was that […]

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London Fashion Week AW21: “An Opportunity For Renewal”:

“ After an incredibly challenging year for the industry, it’s what we all need to lift us up”. This was the significance that Caroline Rush, the Chief Executive of the British Fashion Council (BFC) attached to the latest LFW (19th – 23rd February) and the fresh scope for creativity it provided, when quoted by the […]

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Outdoor Festive Illuminations Help Alleviate The Gloom:

“We must find new ways to celebrate Christmas this year, to minimize the risks for ourselves and those around us”. What Joan Bakewell, the veteran broadcaster and Labour peer had in mind when she expressed this view on Channel 4 News on 24th November was, for instance, that we shouldn’t on this occasion huddle together […]

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Adios Agata? The Exodus of Au Pairs From Britain:

“When our current au pair leaves, I’ll be left without child-care and will probably have to stop working” There’s no way I can afford a live-in nanny”. That’s how a Devonshire-based consultant surgeon foresees his situation if the future immigration status of au pairs has not been resolved by the time the UK’s one-year Brexit […]

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London Fashion Week: Confounding The Pessimists:

The headlines were dire and the predictions gloomy. “London’s fashion businesses are on the brink and many brands are in crisis”, declared the London Evening Standard columnist, Kate Finnigan in the newspaper on 15th September, just two days before the start of LFW SS (Spring/Summer)21 (17-22 September). To highlight the point, she quoted the acknowledgement […]

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“Home Sweet Home” – But Not If It’s Rented Or Leased:

“The property market is enjoying a summer boom. The worry is a winter bust”. This was the sombre assessment by the Guardian, in an editorial on 3rd September, of the “frenzy” in house buying which has taken place in Britain during the summer. This has been due, it noted, to a combination of a rebound […]

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Under Pressure: The UK’s English Language Schools:

If you like the idea of owning a Language School, now’s your chance. The online business marketplace, Rightbiz, is advertising 13 of them for sale, 5 of them in London. However, the now retired International House Director, David Will, has forewarned in the IH Journal that if you want to make lots of money, then […]

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