The Premier League After Brexit: Good News For English Players & The National Team?

The American singer & song-writer, Darius Rucker, once declared that he divides the year into two halves: The football season and waiting for the football season. Although he was of course referring to the American version (he’s a big supporter of the Miami Dolphins), this view is undoubtedly shared by the many soccer fans in […]

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Comida Fest 2017: A Project That Aspires To Embody The Spirit Of London’s Latin American Community:

Have you any idea how many Latin Americans are currently resident in the UK? As the “Latino Life” website has pointed out, no-one is really sure of the numbers, mainly because “On British Government documentation, “Latin American” is not given as an ethnic group”, so anyone from that part of the world filling in a […]

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UK Universities In Turmoil: Students And Lecturers Unite Against Education Cuts:

“Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know”. For Daniel J. Boorstin, the University of Chicago’s renowned former historian and an ex- Harvard & Oxford student, the opportunity to further expand one’s knowledge represents the main justification and incentive for moving from High School to the College Campus. The Huffington Post’s Gemma […]

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A Problem Of Communication: The Home Office and the UK’s Interpreting Profession;

The 16th Century Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V (also known as King Carlos I of Spain) was renowned for saying that “To God I speak Spanish, to women Italian, to men French and to my horse – German”. He clearly didn’t require interpreters. The British Government, however, does need them – many, all of the […]

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The Immigration Furore 2013: Bulgarians & Romanians On The Horizon:

According to the “Daily Mail” newspaper, Tony Blair (British Prime Minister 1997-2007) is considered “a hero” – in Poland. On the 28th January, he was awarded a “golden statuette” at a Polish Business Leaders’ ceremony in Warsaw’s National Opera House. Why? Because (as reported by Mail journalist Tamara Cohen) he had made it possible for […]

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Collateral Damage: London Metropolitan Students Caught Up In Immigration Turmoil:

“Poorly planned and badly thought-out. The result has been chaos”. This was the conclusion of Margaret Hodge MP, the chairwoman of Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee, whose report on the “Tier-4 Points-Based Visa System” (PBS) introduced in 2009 by UKBA (UK Border Agency) was published last week. Her insistence that UKBA needs “to get a grip” […]

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The UK Immigration System: Is It Finally “Fit For Purpose”?

Would you like to see UK Border Agency (UKBA) Immigration Officers in action? Not in person, of course, but from the relative safety of your sitting room. If you missed previous episodes of Sky 1 TV’s  “UK Border Force”, you have another opportunity this week. to gain “a fascinating insight into an unseen world” and […]

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For (New) Queen And Country: The Transition To British Citizenship

Arnold Schwarzenegger (the movie star and ex-Governor ofCalifornia) has been reported as saying that, when he took his oath ofUScitizenship in 1983, he was so proud that he “walked around with an American flag on his shoulders all day long”. For both him and his fellow-immigrants, the ceremony has traditionally symbolised their official acceptance into USsociety. […]

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Back To The Future: The New Immigration Regulations & The May Elections

It may of course just be a coincidence: At a Conservative Party meeting in Hampshire on 14th April 2011, Prime Minister David Cameron delivered a speech expressing concern about what he categorised as “unchecked,mass immigration” into the UK. This followed the announcement by his Home Secretary, Theresa May, in the House of Commons on 21st […]

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Over the past few days, three main issues have featured consistently in the British media:  The heavy snow, Wikileaks (whose founder,JulianAssange is awaiting possible extradition toSwedenor theUSA) and two controversial immigration decisions.  News items about migrants surface regularly in theUKpress throughout the year. Sometimes they are slightly frivolous, often hostile, occasionally a combination of the […]

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