A Night-Time Tour Of London: Thousands Turn Out To Support The Moonwalk Charity’s 20th Anniversary:

Do you trust organisations who ask you to contribute some of your money to others who are “more in need”? If not, then you are among the many people around the UK who are certainly well disposed to help “good causes” but are sceptical about what will happen to their donation and how it will […]

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The Madagascan Bean Crisis: Keeping Cool Could Cost You More This Summer:

What’s your favourite ice-cream? If it’s vanilla, then you might soon have a big problem. According to the “Ice Cream Alliance”(ICA), although there are “over 1,000 ice cream companies in Britain producing hundreds of flavours”, vanilla remains by far the most popular and is “chosen nine times out of ten”. Statistics issued by “The Food […]

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“Real Or Artificial?” The Ethics & Practicalities Of Choosing Your Christmas Tree:

“It matters not if a tree is green, plastic or aluminium – as long as it is decorated with smiles”. So the American author, J. Allen Harrison, once declared. This is definitely not an opinion shared by the “British Christmas Tree Growers Association” (BCTGA). Their website emphasises that the trees supplied by their 350 members […]

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“Low Tech, But More Popular Than Ever”: Traditional Calendars Defy The Digital Age:

  Will you be buying a paper calendar this  Christmas – either for yourself or as a present for someone else? If you are under 35 years old, probably not. Instead, you’ll be using your laptop, smart-phone or 1Pad to keep a record of personal or work-related appointments and key dates such as birthdays or […]

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Britain’s Ruling System 2013: The Queen, The Prime Minister & The “Super-Rich”:

“Is it not bizarre”, asked the London Evening Standard journalist, Richard Godwin, in his article about Margaret Thatcher on April 10th “ that we frame our national debate in terms of events that happened more than three decades ago”. His comments reflected the apparent bafflement among many in the teenage & twenties age-group as to […]

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Don’t Plant Your Potatoes Yet: Wait Until May:

Imagine, for a moment, that you are a bird – perhaps a sparrow, a sand martin or a spoonbill. You’ve just arrived in Britain on your annual migration from Africa. As it’s now officially “British Summer Time”(BST), you quite reasonably assume that the sun will shining, the new-born lambs happily gambolling in the hills and […]

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Charity Christmas Cards: Where Does The Money Go? :

Have you posted all your Christmas cards yet? If not – and you still want to send festive greetings to friends & relatives abroad – it’s already too late to use the Royal Mail. The last date for South & Central America, the Caribbean, Africa & the Middle East (among others) was almost two weeks […]

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Shorter Days & Longer Nights: The “British Winter Time” Debate:

How did you feel when the clocks changed on 28th October?  If you were happy about the extra hour in bed, but are less enthusiastic about the fact that the evenings now arrive an hour earlier, then you share the opinion of a majority of people in the UK. Statistics produced by Santander Home Insurance […]

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Panama: “Latin America’s Strategic Link With The Global Economy”:

Which are the safest countries in Latin America for multinational executives? Top of the list compiled by “FTI Consulting Ibero-America” on behalf of the Latin Business Chronicle is Costa Rica, followed by Chile and Uruguay. The FTI study has also concluded that Haiti, Venezuela and Honduras are currently the most dangerous places to live in […]

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Server For This Website Crashed Recently. This Has Affected Particularly (But Not Exclusively) Articles Posted From January 2009- December 2010. The Missing Items Are Gradually Being Restored:

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