Britain’s Dental Services: The Many Gaps That Need Filling:

“In one of the richest nations on Earth, people are extracting their own teeth, making their own fillings, improvising dentures and sticking them to their gums with superglue, and overdosing on painkillers”. The Guardian columnist, George Monbiot, on 2nd March, attributed what he depicted as the catastrophic plight of NHS (National Health Service) dentistry across […]

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Vibrant London Fashion Week Defies Retail Sector Gloom:

“British fashion must speak to a country in paralysis”. This was the urgent message that Jonathan Anderson, the House of Loewe’s creative director, conveyed to the Guardian’s fashion editor, Jess Cartney- Morley prior to the start of the latest London Fashion Week (17th – 21st February). There’s no denying, he declared, that Milan and Paris […]

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