Britain’s Insurers Relax Rules For Accommodating Ukrainian Refugees:

“We’re thinking of hosting a refugees from the Ukraine. Since insurers are not renowned for their humanitarian instincts, would premiums increase or would a new policy be required?”. This was the anxious query from an Observer reader based in Leicester to the newspaper’s consumer advice section on 20th March. The response was that, indeed, in […]

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London Fashion Week AW22: An Abrupt Change Of Priorities:

    For a brief moment, it felt as if the good times were back. The day after it had ended, the Guardian’s fashion editor, Jess Cartner-Morley, hailed the latest LFW (18 -22 February) as having been “shiny and happy”, with sequins and satin symbolising the new mood of hope. For her, the “pop of champagne […]

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