What’s In That Cupboard? If You Don’Need It, Get Rid Of It:

According to research conducted by the online trading site, Zifflit, 57% of British people are reluctant to throw away their accumulated clutter. Instead, they prefer to hide it away indefinitely in whatever space is available in their homes. The reason for this – so Kate Ibbotson, the founder of the “Tidy Mind” organisation, has told […]

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Under Attack: TheTraditional Sounds of Britain’s Countryside:

Jean Arp, the 20th Century German-French sculptor, artist and poet, once lamented that mankind has turned its back on silence. Day after day, he declared, it invents machines and devices that “increase noise and distract humanity from the essence of life, contemplation and meditation”. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has acknowledged that environmental noise represents […]

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It’s An Emergency! The Food In Britain’s NHS Hospitals:

It’s about 8 am in the ward. The nurses are bustling around, preparing the medication to be administered to their patients, most of whom are now awake. The familiar rattle of the approaching breakfast trolley doesn’t, however, engender any great sense of anticipation. Those patients watching the morning news programmes on their bedside TVs continue […]

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