Getting Down To The Roots: What’s In Your Toothpaste? (& How To Squeeze The Tube):

Did you know that the actress Julia Roberts doesn’t use toothpaste? Probably not, unless you’ve ever lived in the same house as her. But does that mean, if you by chance meet her, you should keep at a discreet distance from her? According to Sarah Pope, a columnist for the “Healthy Home Economist”, Roberts shocked […]

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A Night-Time Tour Of London: Thousands Turn Out To Support The Moonwalk Charity’s 20th Anniversary:

Do you trust organisations who ask you to contribute some of your money to others who are “more in need”? If not, then you are among the many people around the UK who are certainly well disposed to help “good causes” but are sceptical about what will happen to their donation and how it will […]

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Summer In the City: London’s Pickpockets Prepare For Their Busiest Time Of The Year:

As the weather gets warmer and you don’t need to put on a jacket or coat, where are you going to keep your credit cards, cash and mobile phone? If you haven’t thought about this yet, it would be advisable – in the opinion of Adam Powell, Head of Operations at the insurance company “Policy […]

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