Count The Pennies And Save Pounds: How To Avoid Being Overcharged At The Supermarket:

Do you check the change you are given when you are using cash to pay for your shopping? If not, perhaps you should. Social media forums such as Money Saving (MSE)regularly feature complaints by people who say they have been cheated out of sometimes substantial amounts by the person who served them. The problem, […]

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More Important Than Brexit? How To Protect Your Chocolate Biscuits When You’re At Work:

Imagine this scenario: You’ve just bought a couple of your favourite almond croissants or some cookies at Pret-A-Manger for your morning tea-break at your place of employment. You leave them on your desk while you go to another part of the office to do some photo-copying. When you get back to your desk, the croissants […]

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