UK Universities In Turmoil: Students And Lecturers Unite Against Education Cuts:

“Education is learning what you didn’t even know you didn’t know”. For Daniel J. Boorstin, the University of Chicago’s renowned former historian and an ex- Harvard & Oxford student, the opportunity to further expand one’s knowledge represents the main justification and incentive for moving from High School to the College Campus. The Huffington Post’s Gemma […]

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2016: The Year Of Rebellion By The Abandoned: Will The UK’s Elite Take Any Notice?

“When people feel that the whole system is manipulated for the rich and those in power, they get very upset”. This is not a quote from an extreme left-wing activist. It was an observation made in January on BBC TV’s “This Week” programme by Michael Portillo, formerly Defence Minister in Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative Government but […]

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Language Show Live 2016: The UK Will Need Many More Linguists After Brexit:

How many languages do you speak? Anyone reading the Spanish version of this article and living in Britain, is likely to have at least two – their own and English, as well as probably being able to maintain a conversation in Portuguese and Italian. According to the British Council’s (BC) “Language Trends Survey” published in […]

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