Canned Food In the UK: A Convenient Alternative To Healthy Eating?

If you’re reading this in your kitchen, could you pause for a moment? Now go to the cupboard where you store your supermarket shopping. What’s in there? Probably a loaf of sliced bread, your choice of tea, coffee and cereals, some sugar, salt, cooking oil & spices, a couple of jars of marmalade & jam […]

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The Madagascan Bean Crisis: Keeping Cool Could Cost You More This Summer:

What’s your favourite ice-cream? If it’s vanilla, then you might soon have a big problem. According to the “Ice Cream Alliance”(ICA), although there are “over 1,000 ice cream companies in Britain producing hundreds of flavours”, vanilla remains by far the most popular and is “chosen nine times out of ten”. Statistics issued by “The Food […]

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