Haggis – Scotland’s “Inedible Delicacy”: Renewed Attempts To Lift US Import Ban:

The Scots have many jokes about their national dish. Here’s one: At a contest on Robert Burns Night – which is held every January 25th to celebrate the birthday of the country’s revered 18th Century poet – there were three prizes. The third was a haggis dinner for two, the second was a single haggis […]

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Digital On the Defensive: The Revival Of Vinyl Music:

If you shop at Tesco and are a fan of the British “heavy metal band” “Iron Maiden”, you may already have noticed: Their latest release, “The Book Of Souls” went on sale on September 4th in 55 of the supermarket chain’s largest  stores – in a LP (Long-Player) vinyl format. As Tesco’s music buyer, Michael […]

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