How Fresh Is Your Food? Is The “Sniff & Taste Test” The Best Way To Find Out?

Do you check the expiry label on the bread or yoghurt when you go shopping in your local supermarket? Probably yes. Most of us do. For Nick Tate, a writer with “”, however, that’s not quite enough. When he wants to buy milk, he always reaches for the container which is furthest at the back […]

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“No Ladies Please”: The Exclusive Gentlemen’s Clubs In 21st Century Britain:

What’s the origin of the word “golf”? Brent Kelley, an expert on the game, insists in “” that it’s derived from the medieval Dutch “kolf” (meaning “club”), entered Scots dialect as “gouf” and finally developed into its present form in the 16th Century. Kelley also acknowledges, however, that there’s a myth, or “urban legend”,  that […]

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