“Power To The People?”: The Remarkable Transformation Of North Battersea:

Are you a fan of the English rock singer, “Sting”? If so, you might like to know that (according to a report in the “Evening Standard” on 7th November) he and his wife Trudie Styler have just bought a “luxury apartment”in London. But not in Chelsea, Mayfair, Barnes or even Richmond. Instead, they have chosen […]

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“Traditional Rhythms Are Back”: The Resurgence Of Folk Music In The UK:

Did you know that the American actor, Richard Gere, once starred in a film called “Shall We Dance”?  It wasn’t one of his most famous roles and didn’t win him an “Oscar”. Made in 2004, it was about a “bored, overworked Estate Lawyer” in Chicago who – despite being “healthy, financially well-off, happily married with […]

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