“English Is Not Enough: Improved Linguistic Skills Vital For The UK’s Role In The Global Economy”:

How many languages do you speak?  According to the British Council (BC), if you are from any European Union (EU) country (apart from the UK), you are among the 56% who are reasonably fluent in at least one in addition to your own, perhaps two (28%) and possibly even three or more (11%). These statistics, […]

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“There’s No Escape From Your Smartphone”: The Intrusion Of Technology Into The Modern Holiday:

Did you know that Wednesday 24th September was “Go Home on Time Day” in the UK? Perhaps not. But even if you were aware of it, statistics obtained by Lana Clement of “Yahoo! Finance” from the “Working Families” charity indicate that you probably anyway stayed late at the office (if you have a job) or […]

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