Mobile Mania: Do Manners Matter Any More?

How much time do you spend on your mobile phone every day? Half an hour? Ninety minutes? Three hours? It probably depends partly on what arrangement you have with your chosen network. As “” point out, if you sign up for a specified period (often around two years), yes, you will get “a free or […]

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Venezuelan Ambassador Bids Farewell at Bolivar Hall:

This year (as in 2012), the Venezuelan Embassy in London celebrated the country’s Independence Day on July 3rd – two days before the official date. (The nation freed itself from Spanish rule on July 5th 1811). As noted on the Embassy’s website, this event was preceded by a ceremony in Belgrave Square where the Ambassador, […]

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“The Untold Story Of Che Guevara” Revealed At The Argentine Embassy:

Who betrayed Che to the CIA? Was it  Ciro Bustos, his Argentine compatriot and “one of his most trusted collaborators”? Or the French intellectual, Regis Debray? Or neither. As the “Independent” pointed out on 23rd June,  both were arrested (& eventually released) by the Bolivian military. Debray “emerged as a hero” but Bustos was “consigned […]

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