“No Integrity, Minimal Credibility”: Big Business In The UK Under Fire:

  Who do you trust the most? Presumably, your closest relatives, your best friends, your “other half”, a few of your next-door neighbours and maybe your hairdresser. That’s probably it. Your list of the people & organizations you either distrust or are not too sure about will almost certainly be considerably longer. If, for example, […]

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New Licence-Free Era Opens Up For UK Entertainment Industry:

Most readers may not be aware of this – but in May 2012, “Mr Punch” celebrated his 350th birthday. Despite all the many noteworthy events in Britain during the year (the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Olympics / Paralympics & Andy Murray’s tennis gold medal at Wimbledon being the most prominent) this apparently obscure anniversary received […]

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Shorter Days & Longer Nights: The “British Winter Time” Debate:

How did you feel when the clocks changed on 28th October?  If you were happy about the extra hour in bed, but are less enthusiastic about the fact that the evenings now arrive an hour earlier, then you share the opinion of a majority of people in the UK. Statistics produced by Santander Home Insurance […]

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