London Fashion Week: From The Olympic Podiums To The West End Catwalks:

The stadia are empty and the crowds have gone. Most of the Olympic/Paralympic complex (according to the London Evening Standard”) will be padlocked and closed to the public until spring 2014  – after the completion of a £292 million project to convert the venues and build new roads and bridges”. Many athletes and politicians, though, […]

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Collateral Damage: London Metropolitan Students Caught Up In Immigration Turmoil:

“Poorly planned and badly thought-out. The result has been chaos”. This was the conclusion of Margaret Hodge MP, the chairwoman of Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee, whose report on the “Tier-4 Points-Based Visa System” (PBS) introduced in 2009 by UKBA (UK Border Agency) was published last week. Her insistence that UKBA needs “to get a grip” […]

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