London Mayoral Election: Rival Candidates Intrude On The “Boris & Ken Show”:

So who will win on May 3rd? A survey conducted jointly on April 10th  by the London Evening Standard , ITV’s London Tonight and LBC Radio concluded that the Conservative Party candidate, Boris Johnson (the current Mayor) now has a 53% – 47% lead over the Labour Party’s Ken Livingstone (who was Mayor from 2000-2008). […]

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The Oxbridge Boat Race: A Symbol Of Britain’s Ruling Elite?

On the BBC Radio 4 “Today” programme last Saturday morning (March 31st), the respected presenter John Humphreys queried whether Britain’s political leaders “have lost touch with the voters”. One of his guests, Michael Portillo, (a former Conservative Government Defence Minister and now a media commentator) responded by pointing out that UK politicians are “separated from […]

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