London Fashion Week: The Return of “Made in Britain”:

The famous Italian designer Elsa Shiaparelli  (the great rival to France’s Coco Chanel) once noted that “In difficult times, fashion is always outrageous”.  The era in which she is reputed to have made this comment – the 1930’s – was going through a period of economic turbulence reminiscent of the crisis now facing most Western […]

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Lords,Ladies & Gentlemen: The UK Honours System in Disarray:

Would you like to obtain a British aristocratic title – to have the designation  “Baron(ess)”, “Count(ess)” or “Duke / Duchess” in front of your name? If so, then the website “” can (so they declare) arrange it all for you – at a discounted price of $197 (usual cost: $397). As a “bonus” they will also provide […]

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Server For This Website Crashed Recently. This Has Affected Particularly (But Not Exclusively) Articles Posted From January 2009- December 2010. The Missing Items Are Gradually Being Restored:

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Eloy Alfaro Commemorated At London’s Ecuador House:

On Friday 3rd February, the “Casa Ecuatoriana Londres” (based at 144-146 Kings Cross Road WC1) held its first major public event of 2012. The purpose of the event was to honour Jose Eloy Alfaro Delgado (President of Ecuador 1895-1901 and 1906-1911) who died on January 28th 1912. The occasion –  organised jointly by the Ecuadorian […]

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