Latin America On The Catwalks: Bolivar Hall Hosts Ecuadorian Fashion Show:

The 2011 Fashion Season is almost over. The main focus of attention (as always) has been on New York, London, Milan and Paris. Other venues such as Hong Kong, Berlin, Copenhagen, Moscow, Tokyo, Sydney and Barcelona also attract considerable global fashion media coverage – but only one Latin-American city: Sao Paulo, which twice a year holds […]

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London Fashion Week: An Integral Part Of The New Season:

When is the start of the “real new year” ?  The answer depends to some extent on what calendar you happen to be using. Under the “Gregorian” system – the “de facto international civil standard”, whose name originates from the decree issued by Pope Gregory X111 in 1582 – it’s of course January 1st. For […]

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Victoria Underground Station: The End Of The 24-Step Descent Into Chaos:

It’s a scenario which will be very familiar to anyone who has ever taken the Gatwick Express to London. On arrival at Victoria, you struggle with your baggage out of your compartment onto platform 13 or 14, then battle across the concourse past the packed throngs of commuters checking the illuminated timetables for their trains […]

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