Gone Missing,Believed Lost? The Concept Of “Respect” In The UK:

Confucius (the 5th century BC Chinese philosopher) declared that young people should be regarded with respect. “How do you know (he asked) that their future will not be equal to (or even better than) our present?”. Many of the teenagers caught on CCTV cameras during  the “August Riots” ( the title of BBC TV’s Panorama […]

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Too Many Musicians,Too Little Work? Economic Crisis Hits UK’s Latin-American Bands:

Musicians, Billy Joel (the American pianist, singer-song-writer & classical composer) once observed, “ Know what it’s like to be outside the norm – walking the high wire without a safety-net”. His compatriot, the jazz drummer and bandleader Chico Hamilton, takes a similar view: “A lot of musicians aren’t proud: They’ll do other work , just […]

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