For (New) Queen And Country: The Transition To British Citizenship

Arnold Schwarzenegger (the movie star and ex-Governor ofCalifornia) has been reported as saying that, when he took his oath ofUScitizenship in 1983, he was so proud that he “walked around with an American flag on his shoulders all day long”. For both him and his fellow-immigrants, the ceremony has traditionally symbolised their official acceptance into USsociety. […]

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Going Economy? Travel Light Or Put It All In Your Pockets:

Scenario: You are at StanstedAirportand heading for the Gate announced for your flight. Suddenly a uniformed Ryanair employee blocks your way and insists on weighing your hand luggage. Although it meets the airline’s specification of no more than 55cm x40cm x 20cm, it’s slightly over the permitted 10 kilos. Why? Because you’ve just bought a […]

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