Watching Or Working? Britain’s Bosses Face World Cup Dilemma

When Englanddrew 1-1 with the USAin their opening World Cup match on 10th July, much of the country reacted with a combination of exasperation and embarrassment. The Cross of St George flags proudly flying from thousands of car radio antennas and hoisted ( controversially) above David Cameron’s official residence at 10 Downing Street ( he’s the […]

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Back On The Agenda? The Privatization Of Britain’s Postal Services:

In 1963, the Beatles recorded ( for their second album) a song which began with the lyrics: “Wait a minute Mr Postman. Look and see, if you’ve got a letter in your bag for me”. In those days – according to a recent BBC TV Panorama documentary titled “ Can’t Deliver, Won’t Deliver” – the […]

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