Seizing The Baton: The Under-50’s Take The Helm Of British Politics:

Dr Samuel Johnson – the famous 18th Century English author and literary critic – once commented that: “Every old man complains of  the insolence of the rising generation”. This remark would certainly seem to apply to former Prime Minister Gordon Brown, who declared at the Labour Party Conference in September 2008 that it was “No […]

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“Get On Your Bike!” (If It’s Still There): The Two-Wheel Dilemma:

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has designated 2010 as the capital city’s “Year Of Cycling”. This has prompted a debate as to who exactly will be the main beneficiaries. Metropolitan Police statistics quoted in a recent ‘Evening Standard’ article indicate that 18,218 cycles were stolen in London during the 2008/9 financial year. That’s  1,000 […]

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Britain’s Next Prime Minister: The Removal Vans On Standby:

On May 7th – the day after he lost the British General Election – Labour Party leader Gordon Brown made it clear he had no immediate intention of resigning as Prime Minister. On the contrary, it was (in his opinion) his “ constitutional duty to seek to resolve the situation for the good of the […]

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