Less Free Than It Used To Be? Keeping The UK Under Control:

In a speech in east London on March 31st, Prime Minister Gordon Brown declared that immigrants “who are unwilling to honour British values” or intend to “take advantage of the freedoms offered here” are not welcome in the country. Many journalists and civil rights organizations , however,  feel that the personal liberties which the PM […]

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Pensioners’ Protest: The Mobilization Of Britain’s “Grey Vote”:

Whoever wins the British General Election on May 6th is likely to face a wave of social unrest soon after they take power. An ill-advised Labour campaign poster has depicted Conservative leader David Cameron perched macho-style on the bonnet of an Audi Quattro, accompanied by the caption “ “Don’t let him take Britain back to […]

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To Give Or Not To Give? Britain’s Charity Collecting Army:

What do you do when confronted in the street by a ‘chugger’ ( a ‘charity mugger’ clutching  a clip board, shaking a tin or box and insisting on a contribution to their ‘good cause’)? Avoid them and walk past with a frozen smile? Stop, chat and then politely decline their invitation? Reluctantly agree to make […]

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