British Writers,Artists & Academics Condemn New Visa Rules:

The growing outrage over the Labour Government’s PBIS (Points Based Immigration System) has now spread far beyond the UK’s ELT (English Language Teaching) sector. On 17th March – two weeks after the meeting in the House of Commons between furious private language school Principals and sympathetic Members of Parliament (MPs) – a “Visiting Artists and […]

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Battle For Survival: UK Language Schools Protest New Student Visa Regulations:

The latest British Government entry restrictions are bad news not only for overseas students who would like to follow courses in the UK. They are also a potentially disastrous development for the  private ELT (English Language Teaching) sector. A recent edition of Brighton’s ‘Argus’ newspaper concluded that many of “the city’s renowned language schools, which […]

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Overseas Students Face Severe New UK Visa Restrictions:

How’s your level of English? Not so good? In which case, if you’re from outsidethe European Union and thinking of applying to follow a course in the UK – don’t bother. The British Government doesn’t want you here. That much was already clear from Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s speech on immigration in November 2009 . […]

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London Fashion Week: New Trends For A New Decade:

Legs: In London at the moment they seem to be the ultimate female style statement.  They’re everywhere – on the bus, underground, or just walking around. You can’t avoid them. Even on the coldest of days, their owners insist on the skimpiest of outfits: Calf-length boots, leggings or tights – usually black, but occasionally in […]

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