Catwalks Defy The Cuts: The “Sam Cam” Effect Boosts Britain’s Fashion Industry

The spring fashion season is in full swing. First, it was New York(9th-17th February), where the “Victoria Beckham collection” got much of the attention. After that, it was London’s turn (18th-23rdFebruary), then Milan (23rd February – 1st March) and finally Paris  (1st –9th March) – which is already embroiled in controversy due to the suspension of British designer John Galliano […]

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Full House At London’s Bolivar Hall For Victor Jara Concert:

On 16th September 1973,Victor Jara  –  poet, singer / songwriter, theatre director and supporter of the democratically-elected President, Salvador Allende – was killed by the military regime which had taken over Chile in a coup just five days previously.In May 2009, an ex-Army conscript was charged with Jara’s murder and the senior officer who fired […]

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The UK Tourist Guide Sector: Time For Regulation?

Over the past thirteen years, the New Labour Government has passed 115,000 pages of legislation , introduced 24 criminal justice measures and created over 3,055 new criminal offences. This compares with only six Criminal Justice Acts between 1925 and 1985. It is now apparently an offence to import potatoes from Poland, sell grey squirrels or […]

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