Revealed At Bolivar Hall: The Truth About Sex & Romance.

In 2000,the actor Mel Gibson starred in a film titled “What Women Want”. It wasn’t a huge box-office hit. It managed, according to some reviews, to succeed as “ a light-hearted and fun romantic comedy” but the denouement “lacked credibility and poignancy”. Which was a polite way of saying that it avoided dealing with the […]

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An Unknown Quantity? London’s Ibero-Latino Population:

How many Latin Americans are there in the UK at the moment? What do they do?  How long do they stay? The Home Office doesn’t seem to know for sure and nor does the Latino community itself. A conference recently took place at  the Venezuelan Embassy’s Bolivar Hall in central London with the objective of […]

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Tariq Ali: “The World Can Learn From Latin America”:

Tariq Ali is a British-Pakistani historian, novelist, filmmaker and political campaigner. He first achieved prominence in the UK when he led the massive anti-Vietnam War demonstration in London in 1968. He is an editor of ‘New Left Review’ and the author of over a dozen books – including “Pirates of the Caribbean: Axis Of Hope” […]

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