Britain’s Waterways: Staying Afloat During The Recession.

In June, a huge gap appeared in the Islington section of the Regent’s Canal towpath. Cyclists peddling too fast had to brake sharply to avoid disappearing into the crevice. It was only on closer inspection that they realised it wasn’t a hole at all – just a piece of painted canvas placed there by British […]

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Obama’s Supreme Court Nomination Boosts US Latinos

Concerns within the US Hispanic Community that President Obama would not honour his campaign committment to combat discrimination have been  partly dispelled by recent events. His  reaction to the arrest of African-American Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates for breaking into his own house in Cambridge,Massachusetts was spontaneous and indignant: ” There is a long history […]

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Honduras Crisis Stirs Passions At Canning House

On Friday 24th July, a panel discussion about recent developments in Honduras was held at Canning House, the Hispanic / Brazilian Cultural Centre in Belgrave Square, London. It took place just hours before the deposed Honduran President, Manuel Zelaya, crossed the border from Nicaragua and symbolically ( albeit temporarily) set foot again on his national […]

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“Quizas Quizas” or “Perhaps Perhaps”: Lost In Transition?

Back in 1985, Gloria Estefan and her group Miami Sound Machine released a single called “Conga”. US music industry ‘experts’ dismissed it as “Too Latin for the Americans , too American for the Latins” and its prospects of becoming a hit as remote.  They were wrong on all counts. It got to No.10 in the […]

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