The UK’s Demographic Debate: New Era For The Anglo-Saxons?

Do you think that Britain – and particularly London – is already too over-crowded or that there is still room for plenty more? The ‘Daily Mail’ newspaper has gloomily predicted that the country’s population will double by 2081 to about 109 million. It has also emphasised the disparity between the numbers entering (600,000 pa) and […]

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A Bridge Too Far? The Thames Gateway & Olympic Village Projects

Contrary to all the dire prophesies from his opponents, Boris Johnson’s tenure as Mayor of London has not (so far) been a complete disaster. This seems to have rather piqued some of ‘The Guardian’s columnists and (understandably) his predecessor Ken Livingstone, currently in exile with his own talkshow on LBC radio. ‘The Guardian’ indeed, has […]

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Obama & The Hispanic Vote

The prevailing wisdom seems to be that America’s ‘rednecks’ will decide the outcome of the US Presidential election. Why else the furore over Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin? It could, however, be the Latino vote that swings it. The Democrats, especially, know this, which was why Hillary Clinton turned up at the Hispanic Caucus in Denver […]

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