Batman Vs Bond: The Battle for the British Film Industry

How often do you go to the cinema? If once a month, that’s the same as about a quarter of the UK population. Another 60% indulge in an evening out for a film a minimum of once a year. The remaining 15% are either not interested or prefer to watch at home  According to a […]

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Beer, Socks & Sandals: The British On Holiday Abroad

In June, a British tourist successfully sued his travel company for £750 because they’d sent him to a resort in Greece which (in his opinion) had ‘too many Germans’. Das Bild, the Federal Republic’s leading tabloid newspaper, retaliated by publishing a list of holiday destinations to be avoided – all British dominated. These included San […]

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Examinations In The UK: A True Test Of Ability?

Oscar Wilde , the famous English playright & poet, once dismissed examinations as “pure humbug from beginning to end”. His fellow-novelist, E.M. Forster, however more realistically concluded that  “As long as learning is connected with earning, we must take the examination system seriously. If another ladder to employment was invented, much so-called education would disappear”. […]

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A Game Or A Ritual? The Mysteries Of English Cricket

Many years ago,the comedian Groucho Marx was invited to watch a  match at Lord’s  Cricket Ground in London.  Halfway through ,he asked: “When does it begin?”. Even now,foreign residents in the UK are often completely baffled by the game’s rules. Throughout the summer,  the country’s 3,650 officially registered  ‘green spaces’  appear  to be full of […]

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