This is a journalist’s website – so the articles you will read here are mainly (but not exclusively) ones which have already appeared in the printed media. Many journalists become known for their expertise on one particular issue – such as politics,religion, education or the royal family. The alternative is to be ‘non-specialist’ and write about as wide a range of subjects as possible. The criteria, of course, always has to be that the pieces are informed,well-written,relevant and include some useful statistics. Some humour (where appropriate) also helps lighten even the most profound & sombre topics. In-depth analysis based on research and experience can enhance a journalist’s reputation. They are less likely to be taken seriously if they rely on conjecture,supposition and their own subjective opinions.

The ‘human interest’ factor forms an integral part of the diverse themes featured on this website.You may well agree with some of the conclusions reached and hold contrary views on others. There may be matters of concern to you that have not so far been covered. Many of the articles are in both English and Spanish – an indication of the language(s) in which they were initially published. This is likely to be extended eventually to French and Italian as well.

If you have a somewhat limited enthusiasm for officialdom and tend to be unconvinced by Government/Local Authority pronouncements, you will find this very much reflected in many of the articles. The challenge for any website (especially a new one) is to give the first-time visitor a reason (& incentive) for subsequently referring to it on a regular basis. The purpose of this one is to provide a comprehensive insight into the events, developments,controversies & decisions which impact on our daily lives.

Posted on April 18th, 2008 by Colin D Gordon

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